Podium sports Mongrel Fallfest


This past Saturday was Equity’s NAS Fallfest Strongman and our first Strongman show at our gym. Mongrel Garage is no stranger to Strongman shows but we were fortunate to have a few of our newer Strong(Wo)man competitors compete for their first time.


Equity Strength & Conditioning Crossfit Coach Cole Dant competed in the novice division in her first ever Strongwoman show and did exceptionally well. Even though she didn’t think she would…  Cole took 1st place in 4 out of the 5 events and walked away with first place without any issues. Many of the judges and helpers were very taken back by her small frame but explosive power and willingness to win.  Congratulations Cole, see you at the next show Mongrel!


One of our newest members to the Mongrel team is Cameron and he also competed in his first ever Strongman show. Cameron volunteered to jump into the Novice HW even though he weighs in around 200 lbs. Cameron has fallen completely in love with competing and training SM and you will be seeing him again soon.


Lindsey took part of our competition today and also won with flying colors. Lindsey took 1st place in the Women’s Open division and won  4 out of the 5 events, it would have been a clean sweep but missed out on first place in the Car deadlift by a single rep. Lindsey was already qualified for NAS Nationals by taking 2nd in her last competition but placing 1st was a goal she set for herself and we are all happy she accomplished it.

Congratulations to all of our podium finishers and all of our friends that competed in our first SC Fallfest.  Hope to see everyone soon!



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