Competition Prep (mental side)

Do you want to do well in a competition you have been preparing for?

The answer is simple…

  • Already have your planned weight attempts in your head. If it is a max weight event plan for it correctly.  First attempt should always be something you know you can hit, a security blanket in case something goes wrong on your 2nd attempt.
    •  I like my 2nd attempt to be a PR (if the weight jumps allow it, that is the brief time in power lifting coming out of me). Some of the events are 50 lb jumps, so be smart on your 2nd attempt.
  • Do not try anything new or different the day of a competition. If you have not practiced Viper press or a new technique running with the farmer handles or anything else, why would it be a good idea to try it the day of a competition?
  • Be careful who you take advice from during comp day… If the event allows specific gear to be worn and you have been training with it, use it! Just because no else is does not mean you follow the pack. Some of these people are going to give you the “best” advice and all it will do is lead you to a bad day. Wear your gear, stick to your plan and have fun with it.

Changing up these 3 items above can really lead to a bad day.  Stick to your plan!!!

Be Awesome and Have Faith!



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