Important exercise for Strongman?

I get this question often. Someone new comes in, does a training session and is hooked. That person talks about how great this was and how they want to get better.  He/she come in a few times and decides that they want to take training to the next step and that is when the question is asked.


“What should I be training to get stronger for Strong(Wo)man?”

Now there is no specific answer to this question and everyone has their opinions.

Front Squat, Deadlift, ability to move weight and etc….

My personal opinion, OVERHEAD PRESS! Strict press often!!!

Barbell, Dumbbell, Axle, Log, Circus Dumbbell, odd object…. I don’t care what you use just put weight over your head!


One thing I tell a lot of people “everyone has a big deadlift, not every has a big overhead”.

I have been to competitions where the vast majority is tieing on the deadlift event and I see the under 200s up there with the SHWs successfully pulling big numbers… The overhead changes the game though.


Don’t get me wrong, you need to squat, pull, load weight and move weight…. But the Overhead movement can change the game in your favor!

Strict Press with a Barbell often, learn to push press and ability to get under the bar. This will not only get you stronger but you will have a good advantage and lets be honest, putting huge weight overhead is just awesome!

#HaveFaith and #BeAwesome

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