Circus Dumbbell weak?

The Circus Dumbbell is a cruel event and many people hate it!

But if you want to get better at the Circus Dumbbell than you need to turn those shoulders into boulders!!!!


I have a Dumbbell event coming up in the next couple shows I am involved in and I can’t wait to compete in that event! I have been programming the dumbbell in my weekly event training for a couple months now. Focusing on good form and hitting low numbers for multiple reps.  Each week I have been bumping it up a little bit and focusing on a very powerful dip and drive. A year ago I could not hit 165, this past Spring I was able to tie the event win on the dumbbell at 170 x 4. A couple weeks ago I hit 190 and missed out on 205.

My weightlifting training is not very good so getting under the dumbbell is difficult for me. So I need to make sure that my rack position is tight.

One thing I have learned though is that training at a high percentage on the Dumbbell often is not a good idea for me.  If I want my dumbbell number to go up I do the following:

  • Strict Press w/ barbell
  • w/ regular dumbbells
  • face pulls
  • side and rear delts
  • turkish get up

Rarely do I worry about hitting my 95% and up on the dumbbell and only go for 1 rep maxes when the time is called for it.

Focusing on training the supportive muscles inside of  the shoulder and become comfortable with weight overhead has been key. I have a month and a half until I compete at Maryland’s Strongest, which has a Log Press, Circus Dumbbell and Viking press medley in the show.

The Dumbbell doesn’t have to be that taxing of an event to train for, just train for it smart.

Don’t forget that these are just my training tips and you can choose to follow them or not.

And to quote Matthew Berry

“If it works, you are welcome. If not you only have yourself to blame”

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