Where did the main lift go?



Since I started training with a purpose I have heard the same few comments over and over again.

“You have to get all your accessory work in” “Don’t lack on the accessory work” and when I am not hearing those comments I get asked about it. “What accessory work are you doing in your program?” “What accessory work will get me stronger?”

Now I am not going to sit here and debate if accessory work is important or not because we all know it is. I mean fuck, no one will let me forget it.  But somewhere along the way things got messed up. People started taking the “accessory” idea too far.   What ever happened to “Mastering the main lift”?

Stop worrying about your 4 sets of 70 % of your 26 max rep range and put the fucking work in! Strict Press for over an hour, Squat until your form starts to go, Deadlift until you’re seeing double!

Do your main work, work those main lifts and get good at them work them until you can make every set/rep light/heavy look the same. As Stevie Pulcinella would say “Master the Lift”, then add the other things to help the lift.


KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

Do not make this more complicated!

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