Crossfit Diamond State


They say that if any business wants to become successful it must start from the top and Crossfit Diamond State is no exception to this.

Nine months ago I knew that they were a gym but I did not know much else about them. I never walked into their gym, I never had any conversations with anyone from their gym. Shortly after that we found out that they were hosting Festivus (CF competition) and that my sponsor “BlueCollarBadass” would be a vendor.  This would be CFDS’ first hosting competition and Mongrel Garage decided that we wanted to help them so we decided to help judge.

From the moment we walked in they were greeting us and a joy to talk to, even when they were running around trying to make sure everything was ready to go.  Shortly after the event had ended I was approached by one of the owners about bringing Strongman to the gym for a workshop. I was very taken back and honored that they would ask us.

Most recently they found out a member (Kelly) had found out some bad news. Her dog, Zeus, was requiring surgery for the second time in a very very short amount of time.  Without hesitation the gym came together on short notice and raised an amazing amount for Kelly. If anyone has a pet that requires surgery knows how stressful and expensive it can be.

Crossfit Diamond States bleeds class and knows how to bring a community together. I have been involed with gyms that either forgot this a long time ago or simply doesn’t care.

Everyone makes fun of Crossfit for many reasons, sometimes true and sometimes not. But when you truly give yourself a chance to become part of the life style you will see it differently. This was one of those times. People from all walks of life came together to get a workout in and to make sure that this member of her family was taken care of.  The owners, the coaches, the members at this gym are amazing. If you are in northern Delaware and looking for a family feel styled gym, CF Diamond State has the answer!


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