Highland Games At Equity



This past Sunday (10/11/15) Mongrel Garage held its first Highland Games Workshop ran by Nikita Halteman. Not only is Nikita a Nationally ranked women’s Highland games competitor but she is also my BlueCollarBadass teammate.

Highland games has had my interest for a little while now and I was starting to get pretty eager to give it a shot in training. Deciding to message my friend Nikita, I asked if she would be interested in working with Mongrel to bring a training session down to Equity. Nikita being Nikita was all about the idea and one thing led to another and boom….. Highland Games Workshop at Equity was made.

The group we had out there was awesome! Everyone was asking a lot of questions and was constantly doing something. No one there had any experience in Highland so it was a learning day for all.


Six events were brought up at the work shop. Everyone getting a substantial amount of time to train and work on technique for each. I am sure it was interesting watching a few of us in the begining of each event.

  • Open Stone
  • Braemar stone
  •  Weight for distance
  • heavy hammer throw
  • WOB (Weight Over Bar)
  • Sheaf Toss

Personally, the Weight for distance is my favorite so far. A lot of technique is needed but very satisfying when performed correctly.


Mongrel Garage will be bringing another workshop into the Elkton area in the Spring once everything starts to warm up again. Until then, stay strong my friend!

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