The cost of fitness


The cost of fitness

So far I have found out that the cost of fitness is so much more than just dollars and cents.  They tell you the cost of gym memberships, the cost of equipment, the cost of supplements, the cost of competitions and so much else. But what they do not tell you is that it will cost you who you once were and everything that was a part of it.

In 2012, my wife told me about this gym that her work friend goes to. Her, at the time, boyfriend and now husband was an owner of the gym. My wife convinced me to attend the gym and little did I know that this was the first step of changing my life.

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Before I joined this gym I lived for the night life. To be honest, I lived for the day life also. It was all about the party and drinking. I would start as early as I could and usually the last one to finish up. All I wanted to do was hang out with my friends and party party party!

After I joined the gym I attended my first competition as a spectator and was instantly hooked at the competition side of it all and more importantly the team atmosphere that came along with it. Did I mention this was a Crossfit gym? I didn’t have the slightest clue what the heck Crossfit was. Didn’t know about the “Cult mentality” “The cool aid”, I didn’t know about Rogue or anything else. At this time I thought Retro was the gym to be at and that was that…. This was a local team competition for Crossfit and people were all over the place as teams and just doing some stuff that I found crazy. To me it looked disorganized, chaotic and absolutely fucking amazing!!!!

I remember there being a max Deadlift event and that had me in amazement! I was watching these females give everything they had and was absolutely amazed.

I thought that I had found something that could be for me, my family and my friends. Little did I know I was wrong about some of that.

After a few competitions in Crossfit I found out that I did not want to do this anymore. I watched a Strongman competition at my gym and fell in love with that. I wanted to lift as heavy as possible and move weight as fast as I could.

As I now venture down my new path I started to find out that the people I thought I had with me were no longer there. I had gotten into a couple arguments with two of my friends. Accused me of not coming around anymore, not wanting to hang out with them and ignoring them. Quickly the texts messages started to stop and the conversations started to feel a bit awkward when I did see them.  We would all be out drinking and I started to feel more and more like an outsider.  As I watch the Facebook time line I now see all my gym friends hanging out with each other, having a ball and doing stuff. Still I sat there in a bar falling into the bottom of a glass.


Fortunately for me, my wife travels this path with me. She competes and she trains just as much as I do. A couple of my friends have also jumped the line and are with me but for the most part, everyone I thought I was friends with now walk a different path than me.  I am not saying this is good, bad or anything. What I am saying is that it is a fact that when  you change your life, your ENTIRE life will change with it.

You will lose friends but do not worry because you will gain others that want what you want.

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You will find yourself doing things that you did not know you were capable in doing and go places you never thought you would go to. Your family will think you are crazy at some point and even question you and your goals. Stay true to yourself, know why you are doing this and just know that self-discovery comes with ups and downs.

But with all of the negatives that you come across there are so many more positives that come with it.

Friendships, connections with people at other gyms, competitions and traveling are just a few. It is an entire lifestyle that I cannot even begin to describe on a simple blog like this.


Go all in, drink the cool aid and have fun doing it!

Find your local Crossfit gyms and latch on. It doesn’t mean you have to do CF but it is a start and a form of education that you will value forever!



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