Adam Event training 12/6



Last training day before wreckage.

Was honestly a struggle to get my ass moving to even go to the gym. But thanks to Tim, I mustered up the energy and got it in!

Chuck Norris

Didn’t have time for sandbag carries, because I had a lot going on today, but still very pleased with my overall performance.

Log C&P every rep:
picked a weight that I could easily rep out for a minute but still feel like I was doing something. Kept a good pace each set, and even set a couple rep PRs.
Keg loads: not to toot my own horn,maxresdefault but I think I’m a fairly competent loader. So I went heavy and just went for 10 rep sets. Beat the hell out of my thumb by the time I was midway through the second set, so I called it quits after 8 reps. Both were under a minute so I’m pretty pleased there.
Car deadlifts: had my wife’s Impreza and a big head with big numbers floating around. Got humbled by the front end, so I re-evaluated my expectations lol. Still hit double digits on every set after turning the car around, but the third took someone screaming at me, a mouthpiece, and some ammonia. It was fairly heavy IMO.
Less than a week until Winter Wreckage and just found out that they combined the classes. This will be a real test and excited to compete against these guys! Nationals 2016, I am coming for you!!!
Adam's Training Log

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