Cameron Wins Winter Wreckage


Well sometimes it is better to be late than never…

Our buddy Cameron competed earlier this month in NAS Winter Wreckage.

This is his first open competition since winning his Novice in October. Any coach knows the struggles and frustration that comes with athletes that constantly want results but do not put in the appropriate amount of time and/or drift off from programmed training.

Cameron has been the opposite of that thus far. He is in the gym weekly event training and prepping for his contest and today it showed and paid off.

Cameron set out with specific goals in mind and had several PR attempts in mind.  At Mongrel Garage our goals for our first Open competition are pretty simple. No goose eggs and try not to end up last. A few other goals but those are the two important ones we emphasize.

Cameron’s day started out with the Log Clean and Press for Reps. He tied for first in this event and got off to a very good start.

Followed it up with a 2nd place finish in the Rolling Thunder.

Thirdly, Cameron was the sole winner of 1st place in the Keg load event. An event that his height helped and constant work in the gym. We love these type of events.

directly after he went into the Car Deadlift. We were all confident with his 15 reps but the two competitors following him pumped out 20 and 21 reps. Very impressive. 3rd place on that event.

Lastly was the Sand bag event which Cameron placed 3rd in.

Cameron took first place by 2.5 points and Qualified for NAS Nationals in 2016.

Good day for him. Congratulations buddy!


Farmer Walk Article by Limmy and WheyCo

afterward check out our events page. Mongrel Garage Showdown April 23rd!

Timothy Louisignau

WheyCo contacted me and was interested in creating an easy to read article about the Farmers carry. I was very happy to help them out and proved to be a neat little project for me.  I have seen some decent feedback so far and very humbled by it.

This article is intended for anyone that is interested in trying the Farmers carry or anyone that might be struggling with it currently.  I hope you enjoy the read.

Strongman at Equity Change in Schedule

cropped-img_8530-bmp1.gifdownload (1)

Starting in December Strongman Classes at Equity-SC will change from Sundays to Saturdays 10 am to Noon. 

This change will go in effect starting December 5th.

Current members, if you enjoy your Sunday training please continue to come in and train on Sundays. Just know that there will be no official coaching on that day.

No changes in our Friday Strongman schedule.

Change in Weight for Showdown April 23rd.



We brought the weight down in a couple of the events for a couple of the weight classes.

Overhead Medley

200 weight class Log will be 235 and Giant dumbbell will be 125.

231 weight class Log will be 255 and Giant dumbbell will be 155.


Atlas Stones

Novice and Masters – 260

200s – 280

231 – 330