Gym bag musts at SM comp


I had a buddy contact a group of us and ask what he needed to bring for his first Strongman competition and check to see if he covered everything. I am not going to go into a big thing about what to bring and why but I will go over a few Key things to bring that will make your time easier.

Elbow and Knee sleeves – I keep my knee sleeves on for every event regardless of the event. I want to keep my joints warm and tight.


Jacob's knee1superheavyelbow

People love to fall during carry or sprint events and cutting your knee open will make for a crappy time.


Multiple t-shirts – mass amounts of chalk on you shoulder, back and chest is normal mix it with a ton of sweat and it can get annoying. To add to this, you more than likely will have a Stone event. You don’t want to ruin your good shirt and you also don’t want to drive home with tacky all over you.


Tacky leads me into the next important one.

spider-comp-smallWD-40 100 ml-l

Tacky and WD-40

Don’t be that guy/gal that didn’t know that tacky was important and now you have to walk around bumming tacky off of people.  Guess what buddy, Tacky is not cheap. $35 for a decent size tub and more than likely your not the only person who has asked me to lend some and i am probably sharing with my teammates.  Buy your own tacky and WD-40 to get the tacky off. In fact these two items should always be in your gym bag! Never leave home without them!


Belt – This, for me, is thee most important of them all. I need this, I must have this… if i forget this it is going to be a bad bad day for me. Pressing events, pulling events i use it for everything but stones… A lot of people have multiple belts so it is easy to forget one. Take your time and check your list.


The above items are my most important go to. A lot of people will have others that are more important to them and that is great, but for me I need these above items if i am going to have a good day. You spend a lot of money on competing, do not forget your equipment!

I hope this helps!