Farmer Walk Article by Limmy and WheyCo

afterward check out our events page. Mongrel Garage Showdown April 23rd!

Timothy Louisignau

WheyCo contacted me and was interested in creating an easy to read article about the Farmers carry. I was very happy to help them out and proved to be a neat little project for me.  I have seen some decent feedback so far and very humbled by it.

This article is intended for anyone that is interested in trying the Farmers carry or anyone that might be struggling with it currently.  I hope you enjoy the read.

Qualification for Nationals


This past weekend was a good weekend for a few of our Mongrel Athletes. 3 out of 4 athletes placed 1st in each of their divisions and two of them allowing a early qualification for NAS Nationals in 2016.

Cameron is still new to Strongman, he took part in his second novice competition with a 1st place finish. Congratulations to him and prepare yourself for the 200 LW division. Cameron will be competing at Winter Wreckage in December.

Sean took part of his second Open division Strongman competition in the 200LW division. He made short work of the events and took 1st place. This allows Sean to qualify for Nationals in 2016. Sean will also be competing at Winter Wreckage in December.

Tim also took 1st place in the HW division and will be joining Sean next year at Nationals. It went down to a tie breaker. Next competition will be November 7th at Maryland’s Strongest.


Everyone has one more competition and a decent lay off until DE’s Strongest and Mongrel Showdown in April.

Strongman Competition Update


We recently have found out that we will be running out first North American Strongman competition at Equity Strength & Conditioning. We are very pleased to be working with NAS to make this happen.

We will be providing updates as soon as we get them.


Mongrel Garage Strength Showdown – NAS Sanctioned

Entry form coming soon…


April 23rd 2016

Equity Strength & Conditioning


Overhead Medley

Car Deadlift

Yoke Walk

Frame Hold

Atlas Stones

Strongman training session 9/18 – 9/20

Strong(wo)man training for Fri 18th and Sun 20th at Equity


Thriller Throw-down Run through. Bring appropriate equipment for training session.


Frame Carry 50 ft. – 1 round for time

Women: 280#

Women: 340#

Nov: 460#

231: 550#

HW: 640#


Viking Press 60 seconds – 1 round max reps

Women: 100#

Women: 140#

Nov: 210#

200: 230#

231: 280#

HW: 320#


Thriller people work on series.

Newer people work on 1 stone for reps in 60 seconds.

Women Novice: 110#, 130#, 160#, 190#, 210#

Women LW/HW: 110#, 130#, 160#, 190#, 210#

Newer: pick a stone

200: 210#, 270#, 270#, 330#, 330#

231: 270#, 270#, 330#, 330#, 360#

HW: 270#, 330#, 330#, 360#, 375#